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More and more employees are struggling with the pressure of our society - at home and at work. Do you want to help your employees stay energetic, fit and resilient? Do you want to arm them against stress and burnout? Revive is coming to your organization.

Awareness about nutrition and exercises to boost energy levels and mindset

REVIVE develops seminars tailored to companies.
We bundle a combination of theoretical and practical insights about energy gains and the relationship with nutrition and mindset. Topics include:

  • Get the most out of your daily work lunch

  • Exercises to relieve stress (also from behind your work desk)

  • Exercises for focus and reset of the nervous system - for more mental flexibility and creativity

  • Exercises to keep thinking and feeling in balance

  • Optimize your immune system based on respect for the biorhythm. Stimulate your physical and mental resilience

Choose your formula:

Purpose of this session:

  1. Corporate Vitality: research shows that healthy and dynamic employees increase the productivity of an organization.

  2. Better performance & Lower Absenteism are direct consequences of self-care

  3. Win-Win for employee & employer

  4. Very specific tools are provided from healthy food to exercise apps and stress-reducing tips.

  5. Specific anxiety & trauma techniques can be learned

Two hours of Wellness 

in the Workplace


  • 1 hour info session on nutrition, nutrients, sleep hygiene, exercise and stress & burnout by professional Orthomolecular therapist, expert on stress & burnout.

  • 1 hour specifically:

       - healthy lunch box

       - exercise exercises

         with free app
       - Heart coherence               (for stress


         exercises learned             (and measured with           our Inner Balance             device)

Purpose of this session:

  1. Link between food and energy conservation (NL or EN)

  2. Zoom in on specific nutrients to support energy and stress management

  3. Practical (movement) exercises to relieve stress and use energy sparingly. Balance during the working day between mental focus and relaxation of the nervous system

  • Theoretical insights about stress and burnout: we expose the mechanisms around stress.

  • Presentation: how can we turn the tide with specific nutrients?

  • Practical exercises

  • Orthomolecular lunch (extra cost per person)

Doel van deze sessie:

  1. Link tussen voeding en  het behoud van energie, immuniteit en slaap (NL of EN)

  2. Inzoomen op specifieke nutriënten ter ondersteuning van energie en stressbeheersing

  3. Praktische (bewegings) oefeningen om stress te ontladen en spaarzaam om te gaan met energie. Balanceer tijdens de werkdag tussen mentale focus en ontspanning van het zenuwstelsel

  4. Geniet van een ‘orthotarische’ lunch. De theoretische kennis die we meegeven zit volledig verwerkt in de lunch. Verwacht geen energieslopende ingewikkelde culinaire hoogstandjes. Wél bieden we een seizoensgebonden, ecologische en eenvoudige lunch, barstensvol kleur en smaak.

  5. Vervolgens geven we tips mee om-indien je zelf voor je lunch zorgt- op dit élan verder te kunnen gaan. Er is nadien voldoende ruimte voor vragen en bedenkingen

  6. Free gift voor elke deelnemer

  • One-on-one coaching conversations with YOUR employees in YOUR company

  • This can be 1 day a month when we give your employees the opportunity to discuss their personal problems

  • During these sessions we listen to what is going on with your employee, we look for underlying causes & we tackle them in concrete terms

  • Employees who suffer from anxiety & trauma? We apply the Brainspotting technique with them.

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