DNA test with learning platform

THE KEY for a healthier version of yourself.

You receive:

  1. A DNA test, our Fagron NutriGen ™ test is the most complete nutrigenetic test on the market and thanks to the determination of 384 genetic variations, discover:
    • Your genetic causes of obesity
    • Your metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
    • The influence of exercise and sport on your health
    • Your inflammation sensitivity
    • Nutritional intolerances
    • Your detoxification capacity
    • Hormonal causes of health problems
  2. Access to one online learning platform that takes you into the biochemical world of what healthy food & lifestyle mean as well as a complete manual to perfectly dissect your DNA test at your own pace.
  3. Guidance in one FB community with lives and an answer to all your questions


How does it work?

How does it work?

  1. You buy the route on our webhop.
  2. We will send the DNA test on to your home.
  3. You get access to us learning platform where you will learn everything around healthy food & lifestyle.
  4. Once you get the DNA results, you can use our online manual fully interpret your DNA and learn how to best deal with it (with practical tips about nutrition, supplements and exercise).
  5. You are also part of a FB community.
If you wish, you can do another private consultation book with us (to have a blood analysis done or to discuss your personal DNA results again in a private consultation). 

For whom?

Would you like:

  • Know perfectly why you should avoid certain foods and integrate others?
  • Not just learning what you should not eat, but just focus on what you can eat?
  • Find out all about which nutritional supplements that are suitable for you personally?
  • Your genetic causes know and disable about overweight, detoxification capacity etc?
  • Discovering the influence of exercise and sports To your health?
  • Discover hormonal causes of health problems?
  • Helpful tips on how to can exercise and de-stress more?

Do you also dream of:

  • Get rid of that excess pounds that stick to it, regardless of what diet you follow?
  • You finally again feeling super good in your skin? 
  • Get old without all of those ailments what you are struggling with now?  
  • Wake up with tons of energy and you don't feel exhausted at 4pm? 
  • Just to be able to eat without feeling pregnant after 3 months?
  • Finally your period was no longer to fear because of the tricky ones PMS complaints?
  • No more settled out by migraine to attack? 

Then the DNA test is suitable for you.

You learn the basics of healthy food that is then adapted to your unique DNA, vfully independent and with the support of us and a group like minded Revivers.

Get to know your body better, find out how more energy can get and what YOU need to do to grow old healthy.

follow the diet and lifestyle which 100% matches YOUR UNIQUE DNA.

Your total REVIVE, that's what we're going for.

The Learning Platform

You get access to the online learning platform, where you can find, among other things:

  • Simple recipes (for breakfast-lunch & dinner) with new products you have never heard of.
  • It goes not only about nutrition but we also teach you simple methods for stress reduction.
  • We also give you tips on which deo/toothpaste/cleaningproducts you use best and why.
  • A complete manual with which you your DNA can analyze through useful and practical tips on how you can optimize your life and what suits you perfectly in terms of nutrition, sports & supplements.


    • About 4 months later and the result is impressive: I lost a good 5 kg without much effort and feel better. Thanks
    • What I used to take for granted (like all kinds of ailments) I now know how to convert to something that makes me feel better, eg lactose (I didn't know), I immediately have that shortness of breath and can now also place this. Intermittent fasting also works great!
    • After years of struggling with my weight, I now have the right tools and the result is really WAW: min 16kg in 4 months. I feel great.
    • I saw from the results of the DNA test that I have already quite mastered intuitive eating. For example, I already avoided fast carbohydrates because I felt that my blood sugar was not doing any good. I seem to have an increased risk of diabetes and high cholesterol. Although you wouldn't see or notice that from me, there is. I like to know that, so that I can take it into account even more. A strongly increased risk of addictions has also been established, which in turn explains my (avoidant) behavior… I have gained some really good insights, and I feel that I will now effortlessly eat even more consciously.
    • For me it was a real eye opener! 100% pleased that I made this investment in my health.
    • The DNA test made me realize that there was a lot of work to be done, but it opened my eyes to a better way of life. 3 months later I have lost 6 kilos and I feel much fitter. I recommend it to everyone.
    • Thanks to the DNA test and the coaching at Revive, I have already lost 3 to 4 kg of weight. Something I haven't been able to do in recent years. I try to take a walk every day because exercise has a positive effect on my weight, but intensive exercise is not for me. With the right supplementation, I have much more energy, less stomach upset and less urge to snack in between. I recommend it to everyone!
    • The biggest adjustment for me was to eat more low-carbohydrates and take daily supplementation. Since sport has a positive effect on both my weight and cholesterol, I try to exercise 2 to 3 times a week. In a few months I am less tired, I no longer suffer from bleeding gums when brushing and I have also lost 1 to 2 kg. What impresses me most is premenstrual syndrome. During my adolescence I tried up to four different anti-conception pills, but each one presented a different problem (stomach cramps, migraines, depression,…). Now that I combine my spiral with the right supplementation, I no longer suffer from PMS, a great feeling!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a DNA test?

You order the DNA test from us online in the webshop or if you are already a client, this can also be done in our practice during your intake.

When will I receive the test?

We send the test the day after ordering and it is delivered within 2 days (so within 3 working days).

How do I take the test?

You will receive a swap, and the collection can be done at your home via saliva (no blood). 

Can my DNA be used for something else?

You sign a statement that you agree to use your DNA ONLY and only to give you an idea of your ideal diet and lifestyle pattern. We work with a listed company, Fagron, on which you can trust 100%.

Is a DNA test scientifically based?

Everything we do is scientifically based. The DNA tests are based on the analysis of SNPs that keep recurring in the scientific literature when it comes to our metabolism. Science is not standing still and the science people behind the DNA companies are following this closely to make the tests more and more extensive. Of extreme importance is the biochemical knowledge of the person analyzing the tests. Biochemistry is a science, so it is always substantiated.

Should I come to you?

No, everything is done online. If you would like a physical intake or a 1 on 1 discussion of the results, this is possible with an additional fee per consultation.  

There are several DNA tests on the market - why choose you?

If you are a woman, I dare say that we do the most comprehensive analyzes on hormones and estrogen dominance, which is really one of the most valuable insights that the DNA test teaches us. In addition, we are number 1 in Belgium in the analysis of DNA tests. Today we have dissected about 125 of them in 6 months, so our experience makes us the expert in DNA tests. We also offer a complete learning platform with more than 3 hours of video material to learn more about healthy food & lifestyle, so that you can get started before you have received your DNA results. Els even teaches other professionals who want to work with the tests. We also work together with doctors all over Belgium in case you want to do an additional blood test.

What about insight into hereditary diseases?

This is a metabolic DNA test, hereditary diseases are not really a part of it. However, we will see how your calcium absorption is and therefore your risk of osteoporosis. If your detoxification is not going well, you are more likely to develop neurological diseases if you do not provide extra support for the liver.
We also see your risk of cardiovascular disease based on your predisposition to oxidized cholesterol, for example. So you can see this, but when you talk about cancer etc, you cannot deduce that from this.

How long do I wait for the results?

About 4 weeks.

How do I interpret the results?

Our learning platform contains a complete manual that helps you to analyze your results completely independently, with practical tips & tricks regarding the nutrition / lifestyle & supplements that suit you. If you would still like a 1 on 1 consultation to discuss this, this can certainly be booked, online or in our practice in Evergem / Melle or Kortrijk.

Can I take a DNA test if I am pregnant?

Certainly, it is even very interesting because you will also learn which deficiencies you may be struggling with (according to your genes) and to adjust this immediately so that your unborn baby does not start with these deficiencies.

Do I learn something about allergies and intolerances?

Yes, you will learn about your risk of lactose - gluten and fructose intolerances.

Which DNA test do you work with?

We work with the DNA tests of a listed company, namely Fagron.

Can I get insight into which supplements to take?

Absolutely, not only do you learn from your DNA about your risk of deficiencies such as magnesium, calcium (! Osteoporosis), cholesterol, VIT C, VIT A, VIT B6, Folic acid, VIT D, VIT E, selenium levels etc, but also we will indicate which supplements are the correct ones to make up for these deficiencies.

What does a DNA test teach me?

A DNA test gives you insights into: Effect of exercise on your weight & cholesterol, predisposition to obesity & type 2 diabetes, detoxification capacity, eating behavior, suitable diet, nutritional supplements that suit you, top 10 recommended & not recommended foods and much more . (Feel free to view our example with the DNA test).

I have already tried everything to lose weight, why would a DNA test help me?

There are 2 reasons that we get such great results: 

1. You can really see which foods are suitable for you and which are not, so no more guessing which diet suits you best.         

2. We notice that people are much more motivated to adjust their diet and lifestyle when they see in black and white that this suits them.

Is a blood sample required?

That is not necessary, but we often work with a complementary blood profile to effectively measure everything that came out of the DNA test. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Can I pay in 2 installments?

This is indeed possible, contact us by email (info@revivecoaching.be)

Can I get an invoice for this?

Absolutely - we coach you towards a healthier lifestyle, so we are happy to make a 'coaching' invoice.

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