Guar bean fibers

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Soluble fiber from Indian guar beans
  • prebiotic
  • best-supported soluble fiber
  • in addition to the daily fiber intake
  • user-friendly due to the good solubility in water
  • from organic origin

The guar plant (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba) is grown in several parts of India, even in places of great drought. The beans and leaves of this plant have been part of the Indian diet for thousands of years. Guar beans are a rich source of soluble prebiotic fiber. In Guar Bean Fiber Biological from Vitals, Sunfiber® is used. This is the brand name of guar bean fibers, which by applying a natural fermentation process obtain their superior user-friendly properties, such as excellent water solubility. The fermented guar bean fibers from Sunfiber® are regarded worldwide as the ideal fibers!


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Sunfiber® from Taiyo

Sunfiber® has the ideal properties of a excellent water solubility, and one not too fast, but complete, fermentation. This makes the product very user-friendly, compared to, for example, psyllium fiber which dissolves considerably less well in water and inulin which is fermented very quickly. Taiyo is the producer of Sunfiber® and global market leader and expert in guar bean fibers. The fibers from guar beans normally form a gel in water. Taiyo has therefore developed a special production process to make the fibers dissolve better in water. The reason for this gel formation is that guar bean fibers naturally consist of very long chains of carbohydrates. Through a fermentation process (by the addition of a natural enzyme), the long chains are pre-digested in the plant, so to speak, into shorter chains, which are much more soluble. However, the carbohydrate chains must not become too short in this process, otherwise they will be fermented too quickly in the intestine. Taiyo's unique production process ensures the optimal chain length and gives Sunfiber® its ideal properties. Moreover, the Sunfiber® in Guar Bean Fiber is made organically entirely from organically grown guar beans.


Ingredients: Fermented guar bean fiber* (from Indian guar beans, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba).

*of organic origin

Does not contain:
Gluten, lactose, soy, GMO, preservatives and synthetic fragrances, colors and flavors.


Take 1-2 level scoops (5-10 grams) daily with a meal, or as advised. Mix with water (about 200 ml) or another liquid. Let the drink stand for a while to allow the fibers to dissolve completely. The fiber can also be added to foods (such as yogurt), even hot foods, if desired.

A measuring spoon of 15 ml (= about 5 grams) is included.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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