Magneran magnesium

Ideal for healthy growth, a well-developed nervous system and supple muscles.

Magnesium is required at more than 300 processes in your body and is present in EVERY cell. Moreover, it is a mineral that cannot be produced by your body and thus needs to be taken in addition through diet.

A deficit disrupts a lot of processes, which manifests itself in:

- fatigue
- performance reduction
- diminished mental resilience
- diminished bone production
- muscle tension, growing pains

Magnesium is thus a versatile mineral with a wide range of functions in our bodies:

- contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
- nurturer influence on heart and blood vessels.
- plays a role in tension and relaxation.
- aids in stress And in exciting times.
- aids in fatigue and fatigue.
- plays a role in the stimulus transmission between the (nerve) cells.
- supports the preservation of smooth muscles.

Use: 1 to 3 per day depending on age. Just before breakfast, lunch and bedtime.

For optimal mineral absorption, it is best to use these not to be taken along with a meal of bread or dairy. In cases of magnesium deficiency, because of the uptake of magnesium through the intestine, very important to the intake of spread about the day.

Packaging: 120 caps


How are we deficient in magnesium?

- regular consumption of prepared meals
- intensive physical and mental efforts
- a stressful live
- regular alcohol and/or caffeine use

Since magnesium plays a role in the cell division, we also often see deficits during periods of intensive growth and efforts.

Ingredients: their contents and properties

 Magnesium bisglycinate 20 % (450 mg)

- Magnesium citrate 16 % : (250 mg)

- Magnesium gluconate (50 mg).