Magnesium + VIT B6

Ideal for healthy growth, a well-developed nervous system and supple muscles.

Magnesium is required at more than 300 processes in your body and is present in EVERY cell. Moreover, it is a mineral that cannot be produced by your body and thus needs to be taken in addition through diet.

A deficit disrupts a lot of processes, which manifests itself in:

- fatigue
- performance reduction
- diminished mental resilience
- diminished bone production
- muscle tension, growing pains

Magnesium is thus a versatile mineral with a wide range of functions in our bodies:

- contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
- nurturer influence on heart and blood vessels.
- plays a role in tension and relaxation.
- aids in stress And in exciting times.
- aids in fatigue and fatigue.
- plays a role in the stimulus transmission between the (nerve) cells.
- supports the preservation of smooth muscles.

Use: 1 to 3 per day depending on age. Just before breakfast, lunch and bedtime.

For optimal mineral absorption, it is best to use these not to be taken along with a meal of bread or dairy. In cases of magnesium deficiency, because of the uptake of magnesium through the intestine, very important to the intake of spread about the day.

Packaging: 90 caps


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Why is this magnesium UNIQUE?

It is very important that what you in takes, you also take up and performs its task in the body.

Alpha Magnesium therefore consists of a combination of 2 magnesium sources which the body highly absorbable are. The co-factors vitamin B6 and taurine enhance the action of magnesium.

Magnesium citrate:

- is a natural source of magnesium (a magnesium salt of citric acid).
- is an extremely absorbable form of magnesium both through the gut and in the cells.

Magnesium taurate: (magnesium linked to L-taurine) is a magnesium chelate, the best bioavailable form of magnesium for the body and brain.


- Enhances the absorption and assimilation of magnesium into cells.
- is a sulfur-containing amino acid that plays a role as a building material for the body.
- Helps with energy conservation.
- is an antioxidant that helps protect the eyes, brain and heart.

Vitamin B6:

- the active active form for the body: pyridoxal-5'-phosphate
- co-factor, enhances the action of magnesium.

How are we deficient in magnesium?

- regular consumption of prepared meals
- intensive physical and mental efforts
- a stressful live
- regular alcohol and/or caffeine use

Since magnesium plays a role in the cell division, we also often see deficits during periods of intensive growth and efforts.



Ingredients per 3 vegetarian capsules Active quantity RI*
Magnesium (citrate, taurate) 375 mg 100 %
Taurine (magnesium taurate) 80 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5′-phosphate) 2.1 mg 150%

Excipients: HPMC (capsule), silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent).

Free of allergens (gluten containing cereals, soy, milk, egg, fish, crustaceans, celery, mustard, nuts, sesame seeds, sulfite, lupin, mollusks and groundnuts).

Synergy to unwind

In case of tension, Alfa Magnesium together with Alfa Relax help relax.


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