Irritable bowel problems : More than just Fodmap!

Did you know that irritable bowel problems are more than following a Fodmap diet?

We gained that experience and knowledge over the last few years, during many training sessions by labs, firms, practitioners in the field and reviewing scientific literature.

                   This one knowledge We would like to further pass on to professionals who want to help their patients further in addressing functional intestinal disorders, and in doing so feel that they puzzle pieces miss.

We are here for YOU. 

Are you a health professional looking for solutions and puzzle pieces for your clients with functional bowel disorders? 

Do you recognize this?

How is Fodmap not the solution?

A low Fodmap diet brings great short-term improvement in the vast majority of patients. 

Then what is the problem?

First, a low Fodmap diet can cause even more problems in the long run due to the low intake of fiber.

In addition nothing is done about the underlying cause of PDS - namely, the gut dysbiosis your client is struggling with.


What if you finally:

Then participate in the first edition of our Revive MASTERMIND

Why choose Revive Mastermind?

2 years ago, we made a first attempt at an online learning pathway for dietitians set up and eventually blew it off....

Increasingly, however, we were asked by dietitians & other health professionals if we would not help them regarding product knowledge.

From there, the idea of a professional Academy began to live again. Once I got to know Els as my instructor. Her knowledge is unrivaled and her passion unseen. Hence, I always felt it was a shame not to share this knowledge with other professionals.

Now it turned out that Els also felt like a fresh start, stepping back to clients for a while and dealing with the core of her profession. Els took her dream back out of the closet:

"I look forward so hard to guiding you, the professional who is not extensively orthomolecular trained and has patients with functional gut issues, and to passing on my knowledge to you so you can better help your clients."

A little underlying theory is indispensable. But above all, we want you very hands-on info along that is immediately applicable in practice.

In addition, we give detailed product knowledge along. You will learn what to use when in practice and what to watch out for.

You will additionally receive insights into complementary lab diagnostics, giving you knowledge of the measuring is knowing principle.

This course is for all classically trained dietitians who are searching for solutions for their clients with functional intestinal disorders. In doing so, want to gain the necessary knowledge and work to translate that practical knowledge into viable tools for their patients.

We would like to introduce you to the first course of the REVIVE MASTERMIND

PDS - more than Fodmap alone.

3h video material - available for life

4 zoomcalls (2 theory - 2 cases)

2 Bonus Master classes 

EXTRA: we also give you the opportunity To book 1 on 1 - case discussion with Els

You get a UNIQUE opportunity to be the first to participate in the first course of our REVIVE MASTERMIND.

Finally the knowledge you crave

You achieve this after 3 months:

  • You have knowledge of the most common underlying dysbioses,
  • you know which testings are complementary on the market and you now know how to deploy them
  • You can prepare a targeted protocol per dysbiosis and have the necessary product knowledge at hand.

Added value for your client?

Your client finally gets a sustainable plan, and you and your patient decide how much time that plan can be implemented.

If you register now, you'll get these


Bonus 1

Masterclass regarding

intolerances & allergy 


You get an exclusive report regarding everything we learn on the world Microbiome congress in Barcelona  


Masterclass regarding

Pro-Pre & Postbiotics 

What is your investment?


499 + VAT

For this first edition, we like to give you the chance to enter at this very interesting price in the first course of our Revive Mastermind.

You get exclusive coverage of the world-renowned Microbiome Congress in Barcelona!

A top deal in other words!


An answer to your most frequently asked questions.

The course itself is available for life - even if we add extensions, you get them! The replay of the zoom calls are available for 6 months.

You follow the course at your own pace and you can always fall back on it for difficult cases in your practice. The zoom calls are spread over 3 months. So during these 12 weeks we are also ready to help you with concrete questions.

Zoom calls are given 2x in the afternoon and 2x in the evening. We agree on the dates together with the group. You get a replay and it is available for 6 months.

Everyone will have the opportunity during these 3 months to submit 3 cases that will be discussed during zoom calls.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to book 1 on 1 - case discussion with Els

We are constantly working on the course. So if you have any questions or concerns beforehand, let us soak them up and we'll incorporate them into the course!

This course is made for classically trained dietitians who are seeking solutions for their clients with functional intestinal disorders and want to acquire the necessary knowledge and work to translate that practical knowledge into viable tools for their patients. This course is also of interest to skin coaches, physiotherapists and osteopaths.