A Customized Route

Do you also face problems such as allergies and intolerances, recurring inflammations, fatigue, (chronic) stress, sugar fluctuations, weight management, mood fluctuations, limp immunity or hormonal imbalance? We help you turn the tide!

Welfare requires a structural approach that we work on with our clients. We provide insight and work out a personal, feasible process for you that we follow very closely.


This is how we evolve together towards the best version of yourself:

1. A digitally validated GPS questionnaire is sent by e-mail that you complete at home (takes approximately 30 minutes) and we then "parse".

2. ​Looking for the cause:
During the intake interview (1.5 hours - online or live in 1 of our practices) we discuss the results of the GPS and together with you we make connections between dietary patterns, living and working environment, emotional (dis) balance, stress factors and the signals that sends out your body (digestive complaints, obesity, hormonal complaints, mood swings etc ..).

3. Specific:
Very concretely, you will immediately receive a personalized diet and guidelines that you can use immediately, in addition to a proposal for scientifically substantiated nutrients.
We also discuss potential stress reduction and mindset techniques that we can learn during follow-up conversations.
If necessary, we request additional tests from our doctors.

4. Follow-up:
If a follow-up interview is booked (online or in our practice rooms) you will receive unlimited coaching by mail or whatsapp up to the follow-up consultation. We follow you closely and give you enough space to share experiences, questions and concerns with us.


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