How we do that?

During a professional intake interview, we discuss with our clients what is going on (behind the scenes) with regard to a specific complaint and / or problem. We use a unique, digital 'guide pour la santé' questionnaire for this.


We make connections for and with our customers between dietary patterns, living and working environment, emotional (dis) balance, stress factors and the signals that the body sends out (digestive complaints, obesity, hormonal complaints, mood swings etc..).



In short, we follow you closely and build together, step by step, a new lifestyle that fits you and your situation perfectly.

We guide
people with physical and/or mental complaints
in a scientifically supported way, to the
BEST version of themselves


Individual coaching 
At Revive, together with our clients, we look for the causes of problems such as burnout, obesity, mood swings, insomnia or digestive problems.


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Coaching in companies

Revive offers an integral, preventive and unique approach to burnout, stress and energy gains in companies.


Fit, healthy and satisfied employees? Discover our offer for organizations

Why Revive? 

Revive is a unique, pioneering team that approaches its clients with the necessary confidentiality.


Why unique? We are engaged in our profession day in, day out, full of passion. We constantly read, listen and train ourselves. This is how our expertise in human biochemistry and our practical orthomolecular knowledge continues to develop.

Our keys:

  • personalized food

  • professional mentorship

  • scientifically based nutritional support

  • stress control (movement and meditation techniques)

  • close involvement and follow-up

  • Our keys:


Close cooperation with our own doctors:

- Kurt De Block

- Wim Samyn

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