For a restorative rest experience without drowsiness.

It contains these 3 ingredients:

Ashwaganda is a adaptogen and promotes calmness on a deep level and restores sleep pattern. It brings support during periods of mental and nervous tension and anxiety and contributes to the emotional balance & has a positive effect on mood and cognitive functioning.

In fact, relaxation, reward and rest are a very important part of a complete stress cycle. In our hectic society, this is often forgotten. We live from one impulse to an action and back to the next impulse and action. Gradually we forget ourselves really relax. We long to feel both calm and alert at the same time.


1 to 2 vegetarian capsules daily, after dinner and/or before bedtime, for 2 to 4 weeks and then reduce to 5 days per week. Can be taken long-term.

1 capsule is sufficient when only the hibernate difficulty.

Choose 2 capsules per day for fierce agitation or after a stressful day.

Packaging: 60 caps



Not to be used in pregnancy and during breastfeeding periods.

Not to be used in stomach ulcers.