Two experts, one vision

The face behind
Revive Coaching


Orthomolecular nutritionist practitioner

In 2010 my search for in-depth knowledge about the relationship between food, lifestyle and environment and its impact on our physical and mental well-being began.

The journey took me to the biochemical Institute for Orthomolecular knowledge (BIOK).

There I searched and found the biochemical explanations.

After years of study and further training, I got the opportunity to work at BIOK as a scientific collaborator, author, consultant and teacher. This gave me the opportunity to retrain at lightning speed, to follow new insights closely and to always have the most up-to-date knowledge in my back pocket.

It is a blessing to keep a close eye on functional science as well as to remain active in the field through content writing and giving webinars, both for companies and through our own practices.

In the past years I passed on my acquired knowledge. Starting in a group practice and since the summer of 2019 in collaboration with various functional physicians. Throughout all these exciting and adventurous years we have been able to guide many people to a better version of themselves.

Finally, using current tools, including low-threshold complementary blood tests, DNA and microbiome tests, we manage to map out both nutritional information and the DNA or genome of our clients. This gives us a wealth of information with which we bring our clients to their next level.

No guesswork for us, because to measure is to know!


Health Coach

My name is Isabelle, Isa for friends.

My background is in sales and marketing, and after 12 years living in Italy, I had fully mastered the Mediterranean food & lifestyle.

The 'healthy' lifestyle - microbe really got to me when (for my job) I traded romantic Tuscany for Sydney (Australia), a vibrant city, where you'll find a 'yoga & pilates club' and 'cold pressed juice bar' on every street corner.

I had found my new passion and started a course for nutritionist.

3 years later, I returned to Belgium and did not let go of this passion. I followed several trainings from Life Coach to Pilates teacher, and also learned the orthomolecular essentials (where Els was my teacher by the way).

I have always been a people person and coaching is my passion. When I met Els, I knew that the time had come to leave my golden cage and accompany her people towards a healthy lifestyle.