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The face behind
Revive Coaching


Orthomolecular nutritionist practitioner

In 2010 my search for in-depth knowledge about the relationship between food, lifestyle and environment and its impact on our physical and mental well-being began.

The journey took me to the biochemical Institute for Orthomolecular knowledge (BIOK).

There I searched and found the biochemical explanations.

After years of study and further training, I got the opportunity to work at BIOK as a scientific collaborator, author, consultant and teacher. This gave me the opportunity to retrain at lightning speed, to follow new insights closely and to always have the most up-to-date knowledge in my back pocket.

It is a blessing to keep a close eye on functional science as well as to remain active in the field through content writing and giving webinars, both for companies and through our own practices.

In the past years I passed on my acquired knowledge. Starting in a group practice and since the summer of 2019 in collaboration with various functional physicians. Throughout all these exciting and adventurous years we have been able to guide many people to a better version of themselves.

Finally, using current tools, including low-threshold complementary blood tests, DNA and microbiome tests, we manage to map out both nutritional information and the DNA or genome of our clients. This gives us a wealth of information with which we bring our clients to their next level.

No guesswork for us, because to measure is to know!


Orthomolecular Nutritionist and Gut-Brain Therapist

Even at a young age, I was passionate about nutrition and health.
I decided at the age of 12 to attend Hotel School. Only later did I discover that nutrition was more than just good food. In fact, nutrition became my main medicine.
After a long search to find an answer to the physical conditions I was struggling with (CFS, spasmophilia and fybromyalgia, irritable and leaky gut, food intolerances), I came to orthomolecular nutrition and medicine.
Only then did I realize how healing and essential nutrients are to your body. From there, I had decided to study Orthomolecular Nutritionist at BIOK.
Because I am very social and committed to others, I felt that with this I also wanted to help other people in their quest to get better physically and mentally. I started my practice in 2010 and since then I have helped many people with their physical complaints to become healthier.
During all these years, I have taught cooking and learning workshops, launched my own product line in 2017 and given many lectures.
From my own interest, study and experience in practice, over the years I have begun to focus more and more on digestion, its connection to the brain and everything connected to it. Because everything begins and ends in our gut. 
A healthy microbiome is the key to a healthy body and mind. Rebalancing the connection between gut and brain is what we need to do!
That is, creating foods that help people be healthier or feel better. Nutrition adapted to the microbiome as well as the brain.
Working with Els and Revive Coaching is like icing on the cake to be able to help people even more and together we are stronger.
Together, we want to achieve this.
"elevator people up to their potential and higher self"


Personal Trainer

I have been passionate about the functioning of the human body since a young age. In 2013, after teaching group sports classes, I turned my hobby into my job and pursued training as a Personal Trainer with the NASM.
As a single mom with a main job in aviation and side job as a PT, I had to keep a lot of balls high. When I suffered from burnout myself, I started my own search for the right solutions to this and came to the conclusion that there are several factors besides sports and nutrition that influence our human functioning and energy.
I took basic medical training with the KPNI and training as an intermittent living coach. That's when the world of holistic lifestyle medicine really opened up to me.
Meanwhile, I am once again brimming with energy and continue to passionately figure out and educate myself on how to infect others with this energy as well and help them achieve their health goals or prevent burnout or other diseases of affluence. 
Meanwhile, I have successfully coached several people towards their health goals and reducing stress, especially people who are short on time! Cold showers, breathing techniques should become a certain standard in everyone's life besides of course healthy diet and proper and responsible exercise. This takes no time, just the right mindset and gives tons of energy! Just do it! I would love to help you with this, together with Els to make this happen in a responsible, scientifically based and above all easy way!
It's all about energy, use it or lose it!


Customer Support

After completing my Human Resources studies in the Netherlands and working as a staffing consultant for a year, I decided to move to Italy in 2009 at the age of 25.
There I eventually settled near Milan to first learn the language and then find a job.
Soon I found this job as a Customer Support Assistant and then as an Account Manager for a large international company. Through that work experience, I noticed in myself that I am much more comfortable in a service position, rather than a commercial position.
After a professional break, in which I had enough time to find out where I find my "drive" in a job, I decided to start for myself as a Virtual Assistant. Soon Revive Coaching came my way. This collaboration clicked very well!
I enjoy being of service to all of Revive Coaching's clients, as well as assisting Els administratively.