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1 on 1

1-on-1 consult

We start with an Intake consult (99€) and look at the possibilities together with you:

  • Health Screening with our doctors
  • DNA test
  • Microbiome test
  • Follow-up consultation
    <30min = 50 €
    1h = 75€
  • Intake
  • Health Screening
  • DNA test
  • Intestinal microbiome test

During our intake we discuss your completed, validated symptoms questionnaire (MSQ) and available tools that will guide you in the desired direction. On the basis of the MSQ basic screening we see more precisely which system in the body shows the most symptoms (hormonal, digestive, skin, immunity, mindset).

Our tools:

- Health screening based on blood (taken by our doctors)

- Microbiome test

- DNA test

This blood test is intended as a complementary screening for the early detection of chronic health problems such as low-grade inflammatory, neuro-inflammatory and cardiometabolic disorders.

By means of this screening you get insight into your nutritional status and this helps to trace the underlying causes of complaints.

This is crucial.

After all, by better understanding the underlying problems, the therapeutic trajectory can be tuned more precisely and thus the chances of success increase.

The blood tests are taken by the doctors we work with.

The details of our doctors:

Dr. Kurt De Block

Dr. Wim Samyn

"It's in my genes, so can't do much about it". A much-heard thesis we have to disprove all too often (fortunately).

Once you understand that 'bad' genes are not the problem to your health problems and life, you are ready for your DNA analysis.

Gaining insight in this is the start for a personalized food-lifestyle movement pattern.

Revive offers you the tools to map your DNA using our DNA test! (€ 599, -) Still unsure?

View the example analysis here:

Your chance of specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies and which better to supplement:

  • Sufficient vitamin A and D?
  • Sufficient vitamin B6, B9 en B12?
  • Sufficient minerals such as selenium, calcium and magnesium?
  • Sufficient vitamin C and vitamin E?

Your ability to detoxify toxic substances.
How is the breakdown of caffeine in the liver?

  • How well do you detoxify toxic substances from the environment and food?
  • Do you detoxify enough stress hormones?
  • To what extent do you detoxify sex hormones?

The extent to which you benefit from intensive sports or rather aerobic sports such as hiking, biking, swimming:

  • Are you more of an endurance athlete?
  • A strength athlete?
  • Someone who needs more 'soft' movements?

What kind of fats do you metabolize well or badly?

  • How much do you need extra omega-3 fatty acids?
  • Do you benefit from a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fish and nuts?
  • Are you better off with a really good farm butter or do you just benefit from it?

Your chance of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, cardiovascular diseases:

  • What is the likelihood of cholesterol disorders?
  • What is the likelihood of oxidized cholesterol and vasoconstriction?
  • How much do you tend to accumulate fat tissue, also around the organs?

Your preference for flavors (sweet-salt-bitter):

  • How sensitive are you to salt and high blood pressure?
  • Do you have a normal taste experience for sweet?
  • How do you experience bitter tastes?

The extent to which you tend to emulate and addictive behavior.

  • How do you react to addictive (food) substances such as sugar, alcohol?
  • What is the effect of stress and emotions on your eating behaviour?

Your genetic predisposition to inflammation, your degree of nutritional intolerance:

  • How do you score on gluten hypersensitivity?
  • How do you score on lactose hypersensitivity?
  • How do you score on fructose hypersensitivity?
  • How strongly do you tend to inflammation sensitivity?

The microbiome stands for all bacteria, viruses, fungi that are present in our intestines.

Gaining insight into this is an extremely important tool, also for your health!

Revive offers you the tools to map your entire intestinal microbiome!

Are you still in doubt? Here are five remarkable reasons:

  1. Your intestinal microbiome gives you a look behind the scenes of problems such as irritable bowel, skin complaints, joint complaints, fatigue, obesity, mood swings.
  2. Did you know that even in your microbiome there is a lot of genetic material ? Up to 150 times more than in your cells! So it has a huge impact on your whole body and its functioning!
  3. 80% of your immunity is in your intestine! Do you want to boost your immunity? Invest in your interior design.
  4. Gain insight into which types of bacteria you have too much or just too little! So you also know which nutritional and lifestyle interventions you have to apply it to in order to regain the necessary balance.
  5. Don't be left to watch vague pains and complaints.

Invest in yourself by the principle "to measure is to know"

The connection between your intestine and many other organs?

There is a clear relationship between your intestine and brain, heart, liver and skin. Do you have skin complaints, mood swings or non-alcoholic fatty liver. Then your intestinal bacteria may be out of balance.

Digestive complaints such as irritable bowel, flatulence, bloating

Understanding which bacteria are present too little or just too much is an important key in reversing these complaints.

The presence of health-stimulating bacteria

Which tribes and genders do you have enough? Which ones should you stimulate in their growth?

Your unique microbial balance.

Everyone's microbiome is unique. Yet it is important that there is a certain degree of balance.
After all, this determines a large part of your general health.

How well do you make vitamins in the intestine?

We feed our bacteria, and in exchange for their food and living they produce vitamins for us. How well does this process go?

The relationship between your intestinal health and healthy joints

How many and which pro-inflammatory bacteria are present in the intestinal microbiome?
This is reflected in the health of the joints.

The relationship between your intestinal bacteria and your weight

An imbalance in the most important intestinal microbiota can extract too much energy, causing obesity in some cases.

How permeable is your intestinal wall and how sensitive are you to chronic inflammation?

A good balance of aquatic strains is also crucial in order to avoid chronic inflammation.

What do our clients say?

Unlock your DNA - Trajectory

Find out how to lose those stubborn pounds, regain tons of energy and know what YOU need to do to age healthily.

All this based on your unique DNA.

Now we offer you a DNA test, along with an interesting learning platform about healthy food & lifestyle, group coaching and a great fb community where you will get answers to all your questions.

  • Summary
  • Practical info
  • Your questions
  • The Learning Platform

U.S UNLOCK YOUR DNA trajectory

After guiding more than 100 clients using their DNA, we realized that we have something that people really need now:

An extremely extensive knowledge linked to the most recent studies, biochemically substantiated, about which foods and supplements your body needs to make you feel very healthy. 
Do you often suffer from a swollen stomach after eating but is the cause not clear to you?

  • Would you like to go back the energy from 10 years ago?
  • Do you want to finally get rid of that? excess pounds?
  • Do you want to know if your complaints are related to hormonal problems or maybe you do food intolerances you don't know about?

How does it work?

  1. You buy the route on our webhop.
  2. We will send the DNA test on to your home.
  3. You get access to us learning platform where you will learn everything around healthy food & lifestyle.
  4. We do weekly zoom calls to answer your questions and guide you.
  5. Once you get the DNA results, you can use our online manual interpret your DNA completely and learn how to best deal with it.
  6. You are also part of a FB community.

So it is a combination of learning at your own pace + coaching from Els & Isa, as well as the support and support of your fellow Revivers-to-be.

The price is 450 for the whole trajectory.

It is not private coaching, there is guidance in group where you are continuously pushed to create the best version of yourself, with our help and that of the fellow participants.
It is a safe place to develop yourself into that healthier version you've been dreaming about for so long.

If you wish, you can book a private consultation with us after the process.

Do you want also:

  • Know perfectly why you should avoid certain foods and integrate others?
  • Not just learning what you should not eat, but just focus on what you can eat?
  • Find out all about which nutritional supplements are suitable for you personally?
  • Your genetic causes know and disable about overweight, detoxification capacity etc?
  • Discovering the influence of exercise and sports To your health?
  • Discover hormonal causes of health problems?
  • Helpful tips on how to can exercise and de-stress more?

You learn the basics of healthy food that is then adapted to your unique DNA, vfully independent and with the support of us and a group like minded Revivers.

Get to know your body better, find out how more energy can get and what YOU need to do to grow old healthy.

follow the diet and lifestyle which 100% matches YOUR UNIQUE DNA.

Your total REVIVE, that's what we're going for.

You get access to the online learning platform, where you can find, among other things:

  • Simple recipes (for breakfast-lunch & dinner) with new products you have never heard of.
  • It goes not only about nutrition but we also teach you simple methods for stress reduction.
  • We also give you tips on which deo/toothpaste/cleaningproducts you use best and why.
  • A complete manual with which you your DNA can analyze through useful tips and you learn how best to deal with this.

What do our clients say?



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