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Screen Your GUT (& Genes)

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Screen Your GUT (& Genes)

To measure is to know, that's what we stand for. For this we work with a complementary (=comprehensive) blood analysis, a microbiome & DNA analysis to guarantee your optimal health. 

Our Screen Your GUT (& GENES) is an ideal starting point if you are determined to work with us, on your health. 

Once purchased, you get immediate access to several of our courses with 4h of video material in which you will learn all about anti-inflammatory nutrition.  

During the consults Els is going to discuss your personal plan of action according to your blood analysis & the results of your gut microbiome & DNA analysis.

Not sure if this is the solution to your symptoms? Feel free to send us completed Medical Questionnaire For free advice or book a free evaluation call

Send us your completed, validated symptoms questionnaire (MSQ) and book a free evaluation call so together we can discuss ways to guide you to that healthier version of yourself. 

Our tools:

- Complementary blood-based health screening - we always start with that

- Microbiome test

- DNA test

This blood test is intended as a complementary screening for dealing with chronic health problems so we can see very clearly where your body needs support.

By means of this screening you get insight into your nutritional status and this helps to trace the underlying causes of complaints.

An example of the Fidlab blood analyses you can find here. This new health check offers you a comprehensive look at your health, new is the determination of your metabolic age, which immediately indicates how fast you are aging compared to a normal aging process. And this says a lot about your health!

So understanding your health ALWAYS starts with a simple blood draw

After all, by better understanding the underlying problems, the therapeutic trajectory can be tuned more precisely and thus the chances of success increase.

How does our Fidlab model differ from a standard blood result?
By the way the results are evaluated. Thus, abnormalities are detected faster and we put maximum effort into prevention of (chronic) diseases.

The blood tests are taken by your family doctor (if he works with the Medina lab) or with the doctors we work with.

The microbiome stands for all bacteria, viruses, fungi that are present in our intestines.

Understanding this holds up a mirror to you. It is therefore an extremely important tool, also for your health!

During the World Microbiome congress in Barcelona 2023, we discovered a new technique to get much more out of your gut microbiome test. So Revive is the first in Belgium to offer you this very latest technique to map your complete gut microbiome through stool samples! 

In our trajectory 'Screen Your GUT' this test is now included by default.


For the sake of this five particularly good reasons:

  1. Your intestinal microbiome gives you a look behind the scenes of problems such as irritable bowel, skin complaints, joint complaints, fatigue, obesity, mood swings.
  2. Did you know that even in your microbiome there is a lot of genetic material ? Up to 150 times more than in your cells! So it has a huge impact on your whole body and its functioning!
  3. 80% of your immunity is in your intestine! Do you want to boost your immunity? Invest in your interior design.
  4. Gain insight into which types of bacteria you have too much or just too little! So you also know which nutritional and lifestyle interventions you have to apply it to in order to regain the necessary balance.
  5. Don't be left to watch vague pains and complaints.

Invest in yourself by the principle "to measure is to know"

"It's in my genes, so can't do much about it" A common statement we have to refute all too often (thankfully).

Once you understand that 'bad' genes are not the problem to your health problems and life, you are ready for your DNA analysis.

Gaining insight into this is the start for a personalized nutrition-lifestyle-exercise pattern which we will explain in full during the Screen Your GUT & Genes as well as in our 4-month VIP coaching program.

So the DNA test is only offered in our exclusive 1:1 track - 6 months during which we can put a complete puzzle thanks to blood test - microbiome & DNA analysis

Revive offers you the tools to map your DNA! Are you still in doubt?

View the example analysis here:

What do our clients say?

Exclusive VIP coaching - 4 months

After working on more than 1000 clients the cause of their complaints were allowed to expose, we were increasingly asked:

"Now we know exactly how we suffer from these complaints but the IMPLEMENTATION  of this information is not so easy.

More energy - fewer pounds - no more digestive complaints - less migraines -> in short, a complete Health RESET you only get when you start implementing all the unique information we offer you.

And we are going to do this together for 4 months (With a before and after blood analysis so you can effectively see your results too!)

Thanks to weekly 1-on-1 consultations provide we that you adhv all the unique information from your blood - microbiome & DNA build the right and new routines into your life. 

In addition, you also get more than 5h video material regarding anti-inflammatory nutrition & lifestyle.

In short: We are going to work with you on that healthier version of yourself that you have been dreaming of for so long using blood, microbiome and DNA so that we can work with a fully scientifically based functional approach start to transform your life.

The DNA test, our Fagron NutriGen ™ test, is a saliva test, the most complete nutrigenetic test on the market. Discover thanks to the determination of 384 genetic variations:

    • Your genetic causes of obesity
    • Your metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
    • The influence of exercise and sport on your health
    • Your inflammation sensitivity
    • Nutritional intolerances
    • Your detoxification capacity
    • Hormonal causes of health problems

This track is made for those who REALLY want to see change in their health and energy levels. This through weekly individual coaching calls for 4 months.

For those who are ready to:

  • start creating new habits
  • learn new eating habits,
  • incorporate a new way of moving into his daily routine
  • To understand where things are going wrong right now

In short, someone who wants an expert by their side who, in addition to giving you all the unique information regarding your DNA & blood, will make sure that information is implemented, and make sure that you really get back to health & fitness.

For anyone who:

  • Perfect wants to know why you should avoid certain foods and integrate others?
  • Not just learning what you best not to eat but just put the focus on what you is allowed to eat?
  • Everything wants to find out about which nutritional supplements are suitable for you personally?
  • Your genetic causes know and disable about overweightdetoxification capacity etc
  • Hormonal causes discover health problems?
  • Helpful tips on how to get more move and de-stress?

Do you also dream of:

  • Get rid of that excess kilos that continue to address there regardless of what diet you follow?
  • You finally again super good feel in your skin?
  • Growing old without all those ailments you suffer from now?
  • Wake up with tons of energy and you don't feel exhausted at 4pm?
  • Just to be able to eat without feeling pregnant after 3 months?
  • Finally not having to fear your period because of the troublesome PMS symptoms?
  • No more settled out by migraine to attack?

Then this exclusive track is right for you.

Get to know your body better, find out how more energy can get and what YOU need to do to grow old healthy.

follow the nutrition and lifestyle which 100% matches YOUR UNIQUE DNA.

Your total REVIVE, that's what we're going for.

What do our clients say?


Total Fitness Freedom - Fit in 6min a day.


It is a scientifically based, revolutionary fitness program that helps get your body fit again through 2 different movements: Shivercise (shivering) & Tightercise (strechten).

You can make these movements OVERALL do and you do these before and after meals.

Do you really want to learn all about Fastercise? Then purchase our Fastercise online course.

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