Screen Your Gut & Genes


During the Screen Your Gut & Genes we will work on your health in 4 ways.

First, we are going to use the complementary blood collection with a physician (your primary care physician or one of our partner physicians), see how your health is doing so that you can make adjustments where necessary. Since May 1, 2023 completely renewed with metabolic age!

Would you like to see an example of this? Look here!

We will explore where things are going wrong with you:

  • Hormonal
  • Inflammatory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Nutritional
  • Stress

Fires cost you tons of energy & boycott one:
*Healthy weight
*Energetic life
*Healthy mindset

At Revive Coaching, we work with the principle of MEASURING is KNOWING To that healthier version of yourself.

The results of this complementary blood analysis, Els will fully explain during a consultation and write out a plan of action so that we will optimize the biochemical processes in your body with the aim of more energy, better sleep, less obesity and hormonal complaints.

In addition to your blood, we are also going to have a GUT MICROBIOME test because your health starts in your gut. This test is also discussed during a 2nd consultation with Els, followed by an email with an extensive plan of action.

Our lab Fidlab is launching a completely reworked microbiome test in early May. Includes customized nutritional advice based on your gut bacteria and their genetics. For a demo version see here.

Since our gut bacteria perform untold numbers of functions (keeping hormonal and cholesterol balance in check, weight management, controlling chronic inflammation to name a few), it is crucial that your digestion is running optimally and you have an understanding of the bacterial composition that your gut harbors.

In addition to your gut bacteria, it also screens for any imbalance in neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, gaba, acetylcholine). Thus, any complaints are clearly visualized on the basis of the gut-brain axis balance complete mapping.

Your genes are also mapped thanks to our Fagron NutriGen ™ test, is the most complete nutrigenetic test on the market. Discover thanks to the determination of 384 genetic variations:

    • Your genetic causes of obesity
    • Your metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
    • The influence of exercise and sport on your health
    • Your inflammation sensitivity
    • Nutritional intolerances
    • Your detoxification capacity
    • Hormonal causes of health problems

In addition, you will receive several online courses (video material & downloads) which deal with anti-inflammatory foods, stress reduction, fastercise and detox your environment.

Please note that the blood analysis (89€), doctor visit (depending on doctor) and Fidlab microbiome test (189€) must be paid extra to the lab/doctor.

Are you ready for a real look into your health to finally discover the root cause of your symptoms?

Then our Screen Your Gut & GENES really something for you!

Please note that this course includes 4 comprehensive consultations but no lifestyle coaching.
If you prefer to pay in 3 installments, you can do so here.