VIP Booster summer program

Do you want to work thoroughly on your mind and body? Are you looking for more energy and want to do something about your weight?
Do you want to be more powerful in life on all levels? Then this UNIQUE 1/1 program is for you!
Our common thread is always: measuring = knowing


  1. Thanks to our Health and nutritional blood check, we're going to see how you're REALLY doing!
    Would you like to see an example of this? Look here!
We are going to use blood checks to explore where you are going wrong:
  • *Hormonal
  • *Inflammatory
  • *Cardiovascular
  • *Nutritional
  • *Stress


Fires cost you tons of energy & boycott one:
*Healthy weight
*Energetic life
*Healthy mindset
  1. In addition to the blood analysis - we will also take a look at your gut microbiome. These have been completely revised as of May 2024!
  2. Your genes are also mapped thanks to our Fagron NutriGen ™ test. Find out what biohacks you need thanks to insights into your genetics!

    Only the first 6 registrations before June 15 get the DNA test for free (worth 300 eur)

Let's be clear:

During this trajectory, we are going to optimize the biochemical processes in your body with the goal of more energy, better sleep, less obesity and hormonal complaints.

But there is more that makes this track unique.

Revive Coaching is joining forces with PT Béné.
Her intermittent way of living is the icing on this biochemical cake, because lifestyle interventions are further integrated to your measure in this way so you are never alone. Through 1/1 movement, breathing and other stimuli, you achieve your goals faster. Thus, 1+1 becomes more than two and you are guaranteed to achieve your desired goals!
What can you expect from our exclusive 1-1 coaching for 4 months?


  • We work with doctors who provide us with the necessary blood analyses
  • Both a DNA and microbiome test will be sent to your home.
*zoom calls - 2 per month during these 4 months of the course. Coaching always happens 1/1 and we are constantly available via email and whatsapp. Coaching is 100% online or hybrid (online/live).
So we look forward to not only exposing to you the knowledge and cause of your symptoms, but also guiding you so that you also effectively work to IMPLEMENT this information, laced with a positive mindset.
In addition, you get guided online courses that you can consult at any time to gain even more insights into the why and how.

Are you interested in this?

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