Do not travel without this natural travel pharmacy

You can put together an "orthomolecular" travel pharmacy in this way:

1. MSM: this sulfur-containing gel is very soothing in case of insect bites. Also a burnt skin will benefit from it.

2. Gel with MSM, magnesium and chondroitin: Relieves joint pain, sprains and overworked muscles

3. Papaya cream: Burned? Apply some of this enzyme-containing gel to the painful areas. The enzymes ensure an efficient and fast recovery of the burned skin.

4. Aloe vera gel Soothes mosquitoes and wasp bites very quickly

5. Gluterase: People with an oversensitivity to gluten do not always manage to avoid gluten on vacation. Don't worry, because the gluten-degrading enzyme from the gluterase product makes the gluten you ingest completely harmless.

6. Pycnogenol, an extract from the sea bark, is a substance that has been well studied and proven to have positive effects on blood flow. That is why this substance is often used during (longer) air travel.

7. Easily car sick? Ginger helps well against travel sickness

8. Travel or fear of flying? GABA (gamma-amino-butyric acid) helps you find peace by releasing this soothing neurotransmitter

9. Can't get some sleep while traveling? Melatonin helps you get into a deep, natural sleep by producing the natural sleep hormone better.

10. Vitamin U or cabbage juice relieves bowel and stomach complaints