Irritable bowel course

Do you have chronic intestinal complaints Or have you ever been diagnosed with Irritable bowel?

Then ask yourself:

  • What exactly is that Irritable bowel?
  • How do I get there?
  • Are there sustainable solutions?
  • Earlier I was advised to FODMAP-free food, is this enough?

We can tell you with our hand on our hearts: Yes, there are sustainable solutions beyond eating FODMAP free and haphazardly using some probiotics.

So ask yourself these questions for a moment:

  • Did anyone even bother to explain to you Exactly what irritable bowel means?
  • Are you already aware that FODMAP might ease your symptoms somewhat, but that it will NOT a sustainable solution is and it does NOT repair your gut?
  • That some herbal and enzyme preparations bets actually essential keys are?
  • Has anyone bothered to explain to you yet that irritable bowel a symptom may be from another intestinal dysbiosis (and if you don't fix this, obviously the irritable bowel can't fix it either).

Hence, we decided to create a UNIQUE course to make in which we:

  • explain to you what/how/why you are dealing with irritable bowel.
  • Providing you with the keys to become FORGIVEN complaint free.

This course - consisting of 8 modules- gives you the answers you need to get rid of your irritable bowel syndrome forever.

  • What do I eat best?
  • What is best not to eat?
  • Should I still consider Fodmaps?
  • What tools do I best deploy? And in what order?
  • Are there any tests that will give me insight into what is wrong?



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