Do you want to get through Menopause without symptoms?

We all know that hot flashes are a symptom of (pre) menopause, but did you know that there are a lot of other symptoms also linked to this transition that we all have to go through as women?

Very often clients come to us with complaints linked to the menopause without realizing that this has to do with your hormones changing.
Understanding where your complaints are coming from is a first step to the solution.
Remember, ALL menopausal symptoms can be perfectly controlled.

We make sure of that! 

Are you ready to make work of your health NOW to successfully get through menopause already?

Do you recognize this?

Menopause? Break the taboo!

Menopause, even though we all have to go through it as women, it remains exactly a very unmentionable thing.

All the more taboo is to start talking at length about the numerous symptoms that accompany this transition in our lives. 

You have just turned 40 and may now be thinking, "I'm sure that won't be too bad" or "I'll see what to do once the time comes" .

But did you know that you control a great deal SELF regarding HOW you will experience transition and with what symptoms?

For that, it's best to start working out several years before your (pre) menopause.

Transition - a pause button in your life? Hell NO!

More than 80% of women during (pre) menopause suffer from a.o. declining libido, obesity, lack of energy, hot flashes, dry mouth & vagina, poor sleep, their voice skipping, watery eyes, depression and memory loss, it sounds like a nightmare!

Relax, it doesn't have to be that way.

Yes you can get through menopause perfectly WITHOUT All these nasty complaints.

This could be your truth:

Then get to work on your intestinal microbiome 

How can we help you?

We know perfectly well how you feel.

In the 5 years of Revive Coaching's existence, we have already been privileged to coach more than 1000 - 1 on 1 individuals and the vast majority of our clients are women between 35 and 50. 

The main complaints are always digestive - weight & hormonal imbalance. After working together for about 3 months, we notice a HUGE improvement in 90% of the cases.

Els & I are in our mid-40s ourselves and want every woman to feel like we do. We both get up between 6 and 6:30 am - ground up - do our exercises to build muscle mass and fast when we feel it does us good. Revive Proof eating we do as much as possible and of course we take supplementation adapted to our Health Screening. We don't have sleep problems, nor are we overweight (despite the fact that Els' DNA showed she is overweight prone), but slowly we are getting suffer from various symptoms of pre-menopause. Fortunately, we resolve them as quickly as they came. We'll take you through that tonight during the Zoom, too! 

Let us help you towards a fit & energetic body even during your transition.

Then discover now:

ME - No - Pause

15h video material 

Add SYG or SYGG at and get two 1 - 1 discussions of your situation with the results of your tests.

PART 1 - Module 1

Part 1 is about Menopause & its symptoms - Module 1 discusses what menopause is & when it starts - what phases there are and what changes in your body during each phase (from age 40)

Module 2

Starting with Module 2, we will go deeper into the complaints & solutions for those complaints. We start with Osteoporosis: Why do many women suffer from bone loss & what are the tips to avoid it

Module 3

One of the main complaints: Overweight - It's hard to lose weight after age 40 - hormones - stress & insulin resistance are the culprits. How and how to circumvent this we discuss here.

Module 4

Wrinkles & aging skin.  We explain how skin elasticity decreases and especially how to stop it. Explanations & solutions for watery eyes & changing voice are also included.

Module 5

Brain aging is a common symptom. Hormonal fluctuations underlie it and cause sleep problems, memory capacity dropping, mood swings and depression. We teach you how to bring your hormones back into balance.

Module 6

Hot flashes and the accompanying sweating and blushing, are due to temperature changes in the body. How does your body regulate that temperature & how can you avoid this annoying fact? 

Module 7

How decreases libido and do the mucous membranes of the vagina dry out during (pre)menopause? What herbs help with this as well as how to lubricate gel, is explained in this module.

Module 8 & 9

In these modules, we discuss, on the one hand, the role of a healthy microbiome on keeping estrogen levels in balance as well as what it means and how best to deal with genetic estrogen dominance.


Part 2 is very practical (approx 10h video material) to put into practice everything you learned in Part 1.

Module 1: Revive proof nutrition Module 2: Move (Fastercise & exercises from a Personal Trainer specifically for menopause) Module 3: Stress Reduction         Module 4: Detox your environment

In short, you will learn about the different stages of menopause, what they do to your body, what the most common complaints and symptoms are, and most importantly, how to eliminate them.  

What is your investment?

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You would like to map your DNA & microbiome in order to really get rid of all the complaints that are bothering you.


In addition, you are now very exceptionally offered the Menopause course for free. 

Payment in 3 months is possible.


Your health starts in the gut, so in addition to your blood analysis, we will also take a look at your gut microbiome.


Quite exceptionally, you will now be offered the Menopause course here.

Payment in 2 installments is possible.

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The menopause course on sale today for 149€ instead of 299€


They went before you...

I am 47y and have been suffering from menopausal symptoms such as minor hot flashes & palpitations and mouth ulcers for a year now. Because I had biological depression several years ago (with heaviness and many panic attacks), also struggled with bowel issues and a skin condition, I was looking for a more holistic approach to my health problems. Traditional medicine could only help me in part and looked less at the cause and more at symptom relief. That's how I ended up at Revive and through them I now know that many of my symptoms are also due to a hormonal imbalance (pre-menopause). Thanks to Revive Proof eating, proper supplementation, and stress reduction, I feel much better and am even phasing out my antidepressants.
Audrey Vanbesien
47 years
With the menopause, on the one hand, complaints that had been going on for a long time (back pain, fatigue, vocal cord problems, dry mouth, poor sleep, etc.) intensified. On the other hand, new problems also developed. Extension of the back complaints to general muscle pain, joint pains and inflammation of the tendons. At that time I could only take small steps and walk short distances. Also had to stop cycling. Furthermore, I also struggled with loss of concentration, hot flashes and weight gain. Osteopathy and neural therapy brought some relief, but progress was slow. At that point, in went to reason with Revive Coaching. Strict adherence to ant inflammatory nutrition advice and appropriate supplementation slowly but surely brought the relief I had long been seeking. Now I can get back on the racing bike and do walks of up to 20km.
Cathy De Graeve
First of all eternal gratitude to Els& Isa! Without them I would not be where I am today in all areas of my life. Real life savers. I had different complaints like being overweight, insulin resistance, leaky gut, sweating at night, hormonal headaches and a lot of stress. The blood results allowed me to take the right supplements. By doing a lot of yoga and strength training, I can keep the symptoms under control. I try to eat Revive proof as much as possible and limit sugars. Finally I feel the peace coming back into my body. Thanks to the good follow-up of Els with the right supplements I am on the right track for the coming years and I will fly through the menopause ☺️

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Screen Your GUT trajectory (Microbiome test) WITH the menopause course


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