Booster Pathway Light

You've been thinking about taking REAL control of your health and adjusting your diet & lifestyle based on scientific testing for quite some time, but it hasn't come to pass yet.
Perhaps you thought microbiome & DNA testing was just a step too far, and would like to get started with just getting your blood tested using the Fidlab Health screening (example here) and the brand new nutritional check - click here for an example.
For 499€ (excluding the lab - (89€) & doctor's consultation fees) - get you the key to the new and healthiest version of yourself.
During your 1:1 consultation with Els, she will take you through the results of your analyses but most importantly, connections will be made between your symptoms and those results.
Thanks to a complete plan of action, you will discover how best to eat, what supplementation suits you and what lifestyle interventions are important to you.
The ideal kick start to that healthier version of yourself you've been dreaming of for so long.
How do we proceed?
Once you purchase the Booster Pathway Light, you will have access to one course of your choice:
  1. Fastercise
  2. Oral oral health
  3. master class from fat storage to fat burning
After purchasing, send an email indicating your preference and you will be matched to this course.
Then you go for the complementary blood test with a doctor working with Fidlab/Medina (your general practitioner or a partner doctor of ours). Els then puts the Fidlab Health screening & the very latest nutritional check, next to your MSQ (the questionnaire with your complaints that we ask you to fill out) and in this way you discover the CAUSE of your complaints instead of treating symptoms.
We will explore where things are going wrong with you:
  • Hormonal
  • Inflammatory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Nutritional
  • Stress
Fires cost you tons of energy & boycott one:
*Healthy weight
*Energetic life
*Healthy mindset
At Revive Coaching, we work on that healthier version of yourself using the principle of METEN is KNOWING.
Els will fully explain the results of this complementary blood analysis during a consultation and write out a plan of action so that we can optimize the biochemical processes in your body with the goal of more energy, better sleep, less obesity and hormonal complaints. After 6 weeks you will have a follow-up consultation with Els to dot the "i's" and make any necessary adjustments.
Note: Both blood analysis (89€) and doctor visit (depending on doctor) must be paid extra to the lab/doctor.
In addition, you will get a full session of Intermittent Living that will be led in the right direction by PT & intermittent living coach Béné. You will be immersed in the practice and theoretical background of intermittent breathing, cold, heat, HIT and get insights into why certain tools help your health. After the session with PT Béné you get access to a video channel, so you can always fall back on that information.
Are you ready for a real look into your health to finally discover the root cause of your symptoms?
Then this booster track light is really for you!